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Important note: You must complete the following steps so that your CV will be released on the online CV Database, for viewing by our Shipping Community members.

1. Download the WORK-STUDY PROGRAM STUDENT WAIVER , return it completed and signed along with the registration processing (one time) fee payment confirmation (30 euros), your VAT Number and Tax Office to

2. Complete below and the Questionnaire in the next page.

3. Choose the Interview Date and hour via Calendly. All interviews will resume November 29th, 2021

4. You must play the "Owiwi" soft skills assessment game prior to the interview (look for the Owiwi email invitation right after you register).

5. Upon completion of Owiwi game, you will be interviewed by our Shipping Professional Advisor. Expect an email confirmation with the interview date and be available to respond.

6. Upon completion of the interview, your CV will be released for viewing. You must be available to any potential invites and keep us informed.

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