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Since 2015, Greek Shipping’s 1st CV Database specifically designed for Shipping students to be efficiently selected by Member Shipping and Service Companies.

In order for your CV to be made visible on the CV Platform, you must first complete the following steps:

1. Fill in the Waiver and “get to know you” Personal Info Questionnaire.

2. Play the "Owiwi" game. (Expect an e-mail invitation from Owiwi & follow the instructions. It is mandatory to play the game. The Owiwi game results make a difference to many potential employers because it offers them insight about your soft skills.)

3. (Optional) Mentor Session. Our dedicated Mentors will be happy to share their knowledge and experience. You only need to ask! (click on the button "Choose the Mentorship Appointment date & hour via Calendly" on the last step of the registration, the Thank you page, to make the appointment. Since PROJECT CONNECT will participate in "Posidonia 2022" the Mentorships Appointments will continue after June 14th).

*** It is important that you are available and respond to communication ***

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