The Shipping Industry is like a multi-faceted diamond. It has many different sectors and jobs to offer. It functions internationally providing customers round the clock services. It runs on a higher-than-usual frequency: working in the operations room is like working in an emergency room of a hospital with vessel requirements popping up and regulations changing all the time. The personnel of this industry need to respond quickly, troubleshoot, and deliver solutions non-stop. The Shipping Industry has historically been one of the major economic resources of Greece and has always supported its people throughout difficult times. If you believe that Shipping is for you, and you are looking to enter the industry, let us connect you and show you the ropes.

PROJECT CONNECT opens the door to the Shipping community for eligible undergraduate shipping students, ages 18 to 23, who maintain a grade point average of 6.5 and are interested in work experience gained from an internship, apprenticeship, or office visit.

PROJECT CONNECT offers you, the young professional in-the-making a chance of work experience via Apprenticeship, Internship, Office Visits, and or Sandwich Course.

1. Become more visible directly to the Greek Ship owning companies and maritime services through our Online-CV Database where you could be selected for a WORK-STUDY opportunity or Entry level job opportunity (i.e. Office Visit, Internship, Apprenticeship, Sandwich-Course). It involves a prescreening registration interview by our Shipping Professional Advisors, a getting to “know you” questionnaire and a soft skills assessment game.

2. Getting to know a shipping company better and learning what will be expected from you in the workplace. As a member you have access to our “MY SHIPPING CAREER” Students Tool Kit which gives you useful admin and professional tips that will enhance your chances for future employability.

3. Invitation to a virtual Shipping Company Office visit.

4. Free, exciting, professional and personal self-development webinars by Dr John Kalogerakis, “Νιάτα Ψηλά” series, Work-Ship, “We do CARE!” and Potentia guidance webinars.

PROJECT CONNECT’s vision is a sustainable and competitive Greek shipping industry, with its unique maritime tradition to be passed on to the next generation by the “Brain-Bank”, which are the principals, managers, captains, engineers, and Administrative staff who currently run today’s shipping companies.

This is why PROJECT CONNECT suggests work-study opportunities in operations departments, to promote “Brain Gain”.

Jump start your career in shipping today!

Sign up & Register for an interview with our Shipping Advisor Professional

** Outsourced-HR-expert service available upon request.

We are now pre-screening for promising students to join our Available Candidates On line CV Database, for the school year 2021-22.

All interviews will resume November 29th, 2021

*or e-mail your interest to

Our WORK-STUDY PROGRAMS & ONLINE CV DATABASE registration process begins from February until end April.
Then selection process begins till end May and hopefully there are internship opportunities for the summer.

PROJECT CONNECT Work-Study Program Description

1. Office Visit is a first-time shipping office experience where students are shown how operations departments run (appx 1 month duration, max 5 hours per week).

2. Apprenticeship is a hands-on learning trade under a professional, in exchange for admin support for a set term duration from 2 to 6 months. Remuneration not applicable because it is a teaching process – “μαθητεία’’.

3. Internship is a work practice where the student learns organization, data entry, filing, note and message taking, communications and any other support tasks which will be designated, for a set term duration of 2 to 6 months. Remuneration is applicable. Our Internships are of an administrative assistance nature, offering the opportunity to grasp the meaning of all tasks from the support side first and build your way upwards. We focus mostly on undergraduate students’ work experience in Operations, Technical, Chartering and Accounting departments.

4. Sandwich Course is an offshore placement for a set period, aboard a vessel, in between degree programs (i.e.: Marine Academy and short sea ship travel experience).

Be a significant link in the next generation workforce chain.

We are stronger together.

Disclaimer: The aim is to enhance your employability. However, there is no guarantee for a job because that depends on the employer and timing.

Our Work Study programs are frozen due to Covid lockdown temporarily. However, we are receiving new registrants.
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

In case the Website online service does not function: Register with PROJECT CONNECT by sending your current Curriculum Vitae (CV), your objective statement and a request for an appointment for a registration interview to

Requests are answered case by case by the following procedures:
  • Registration interview & CV editing (Wed to Fri, by appointment only)
  • Assistance to build and strengthen professional profiles from CV editing to presentation skills for interviews
  • Provision of seminars on office admin skills, business conduct and dress code, communication, management & self-motivational skills, “CARE” tools
  • Visibility of your CV on the Online CV Database and circulation to our shipping network.

Menu of Services:

Acting as a hub, we facilitate the following for undergraduate students:

  • Currently we focus mostly on work experience in Administration, Operations, Chartering, Technical and Accounting departments, working as administrative support.
  • On-line CV Database, where our candidates’ Curriculum Vitae (CV) to our diverse shipping network to help place them upon openings. There are no guarantees for jobs but we do help enhance the chances through this exposure.
  • Assist in building and strengthening their professional profile from CV editing to presentation skills for interviews.
  • Provide seminars on office skills such as: office dress code & manners, business communication, leadership & motivation skills, based on CARE tools; and directions according to the specific needs of each candidate.

Registration and professional services from HR experts, depending on what best serves the needs:

    1. 30minutes: Registration interview & Process of Application: discussion on CV editing & guidance tips. DB CV posting to our members  & circulation to relevant openings.  €30,00
    2. CV in one extra language or a different lay-out (template) €65,00
    3. Tailor made Seminars and Courses, using a focused learning & practical approach. Typically seminars are conducted in teams of 4-8 participants and the duration is 2-3 hours.   €65,00 – €100,00/person