The Shipping Industry is like a multi-faceted diamond which has several sectors.  It functions internationally providing customers round the clock services.  It runs on a higher than usual frequency and working in the operations room is like working in an emergency room of a hospital with vessel requirement and regulations needs popping up from left to right. The personnel of this industry act with quick response and deliver solutions.  The Shipping Industry has historically been one of, if not the top economic resource of Greece and has always supported Greece’s citizens throughout difficult times.  If you believe that Shipping is for you, and need a connection to it, we can help be that connection for you!

PROJECT CONNECT showing the ropes, offers a guidance tips and useful shipping info package “My Shipping Career”, for young professionals-in-the-making that register.  Although the aim is to enhance your employability, there is no guarantee for a job, because that depends on the employer and timing.

PROJECT CONNECT opens the door to the Shipping community for eligibile undergraduate shipping students, ages 18 to 23, who maintain grade point average of 6.5 and are interested in work experience gained from an internship, apprenticeship or office visit.

PROJECT CONNECT Internships are mostly administrative assistance, in order to offer the opportunity to grasp the meaning of all tasks from the support side first and build your way upward. We focus mostly on undergraduate students work experience in Operations, Chartering and Accounting departments. Ask about our Internship Programs and Office Visits during your interview.

Registration Interview and outsourced HR expert service available upon request.

Register with PROJECT CONNECT by sending your current Curriculum Vitae (CV), your objective statement and a request for an appointment for a registration interview to

Requests are answered case by case, by the following procedures:
  • Registration Interview & CV editing (Wed to Fri, by appointment only)
  • Assistance to build and strengthen professional profiles from CV editing to presentation skills for interviews.
  • Provide seminars on office admin skills, business conduct and dress code, communication, management & self-motivational skills, “CARE” tools.
  • CV circulation to our shipping network & upload of CV on our online CV database.

Menu of Services:

  1. 30 minutes: Registration and discussion on CV editing & some guidance tips. DB CV posting to our members & circulation to relevant openings. 
  2. 60 minutes: Interview and discussion on CV, effective ways and means of job search, DB CV posting to our members & circulation to relevant openings.  
  3. 90 minutes: Interview: CV evaluation & modification, effective ways & means of job search, self-presentation skills, interview preparation, DB CV posting to our members & circulation to relevant openings. 
  4. CV in one extra language or a different lay-out (template)
  5. Tailor made Seminars and Courses, using a focused learning & practical approach. Typically, seminars are conducted in teams of 4-8 participants and the duration is 2-3 hours.   

E-mail message us for further details!