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PROJECT CONNECT is the bridge to Shipping companies for young Greek professionals-in-the-making.

Acting as a hub, we facilitate the following:

  • Currently we focus mostly on undergraduate students work experience in Operations, Chartering and Accounting departements.
  • Circulate & post candidates’ Curriculum Vitae (CV) to our diverse shipping network to help place them upon openings. There are no guarantees for jobs but we do help enhance the chances through this exposure.
  • Assist in building and strengthening their professional profile from CV editing to presentation skills for interviews.
  • Provide seminars on office skills such as: office dress code & manners, business communication, leadership & motivation skills, based on CARE tools; and directions according to the specific needs of each candidate.

Registration and professional services from HR experts, depending on what best serves the needs:

  1. 30minutes: Registration and discussion on CV editing & some guidance tips. DB CV posting to our members & circulation to relevant openings€30,00
  2. 60minutes: Interview and discussion on CV, effective ways and means of job search, DB CV posting to our members & circulation to relevant openings.  €60,00
  3. 90minutes: Interview: CV evaluation & modification, effective ways & means of job search, self-presentation skills, interview preparation, DB CV posting to our members & circulation to relevant openings. €90,00
  4. CV in one extra language or a different lay-out (template) €65,00
  5. Tailor made Seminars and Courses, using a focused learning & practical approach. Typically seminars are conducted in teams of 4-8 participants and the duration is 2-3 hours.   €65,00 – €100,00/person