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The “Adopt a Ship” program connects primary, junior high and vocational school pupils with seafarers, aiming to educate youngsters about the seafaring profession and the maritime sector. This innovative program involves the adoption of a vessel by a primary school class for one academic year. Throughout this period, pupils communicate with the crew weekly and gain first-hand knowledge of life at sea by sharing their experiences. Students get the opportunity to "travel" with the crew by tracking their voyage on a world map and engaging in interactive learning activities.

Subject Areas

The program is addressed to primary school (second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades), to junior high school (first, second and third grades) and to vocational school and is introduced in the context of different courses (e.g. history, geography, music), aiming to inform students about:

  1. Life onboard vessels
  2. Cargo carried by ships
  3. Trading patterns
  4. Geography


  1. Highlight the importance of the contributions seafarers and shipping companies make to the world and society
  2. Enhance students’ knowledge about seafarers, ships, shipping, geography, culture and commerce
  3. Offer opportunities to the young generation to pursue a maritime career

Guide to the Program (English / Greek)

How to enroll:
  1. Shipping Companies:
    Fill out this form for Vessel Enrollment
    & this form for Membership
  2. Schools:
    Fill out this form for School Application
Classroom Materials

Every classroom receives: Vessels Info Book, Nautical Route Map, Captain's Hat, Online Maritime Museum




2006: The “Adopt a Ship” program is initiated by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSI) and the Cyprus Maritime Environmental Protection Association(CYMEPA)

2017: The program expands to the Philippines, Poland and India

2018: PROJECT CONNECT establishes “Adopt a Ship” in the world’s largest ship-owning nation, Greece, and receives authorization from the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and the Hellenic Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy

2019: Project Connect and Life at Sea join forces to promote social inclusion and increase awareness on human health and wellbeing onboard vessels

2020: The "Adopt a Ship" program is successfully running in 33 classes of 16 primary schools, with 26 vessels from 14 Greek Shipping Companies.

2020-2021: The "Adopt a Ship" Program sails its third school year with Panhellenic coverage. On board are 57 classes of 33 Elementary Schools with 48 vessels from 24 Greek Shipping Companies.

2021-2022: The "Adopt a Ship" Program sails its fourth school year with Panhellenic coverage. Already on board are 130 classes of 62 Elementary and Jr High Schools with 90 vessels from 40 Greek Shipping Companies.

Tο φυλάττειν τα αγαθά χαλεπώτερον του κτήσασθαι - Δημοσθένης

"To filatin ta agatha halepoteron tou ktisasthe - Demosthenes"

It is more difficult to sustain than to build - Demosthenes

Τη σχολική χρονιά 2023-24 είχαμε τη χαρά να καλωσορίσουμε στην οικογένεια του Adopt a Ship τα γενναία παιδιά της ΕΛΕΠΑΠ!

We are pleased to announce that effective February 11th 2022 Adopt a Ship is under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality.

Participating elementary schools (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grade), Jr High and vocational schools in: Agia Paraskevi, Agios Germanos Prespon, Alimos, Amaliada, Andros, Aspropyrgos, Astypalea, Athens, Alexandroupoli, Astipalea, Chalkida, Chania, Chios, Elafonisos, Evoia, Florina, Glyfada, Hersonisos Herakliou, Hydra, Ilion, Ilioupoli, Ioannina, Ithaki, Kalabaka, Kalamata, Kalymnos, Karla Magnisias, Kasos, Kastoria, Kefalonia, Keratsini, Kerkyra, Kifissia, Kiato, Korydallos, Kos, Kozani, Kymi, Larissa, Nafpaktos, Nea Moudania, Neapoli Lakonias, Neapoli Lasithiou, Nikaia, Oinpusses, Paros, Patra, Piraeus, Preveza, Psara, Ptolemaida, Salamina, Serres, Sitia, Spetses, Syros, Trikala, Thessaloniki, Tyrnavos, Tyros Arcadias, Vari, Variko Amyntaiou, Voion Lakonias, Volos,Voula, Vouliameni, American Community Schools of Athens, Arsakeio Tositseio, Athens College, Campion School, Delasalle, Ekpedeftiria Doukas, Ekpedeftiria Geitona, Ekpedeftiria Panou, Ekpedeftiria Taxiarchis, Ekpedeftirio Papacharalabeio, ELEPAP, European Philosophy of Schools, Iera Mitropoli Piraeus, Interactive European School, International School of Athens, Jeanne D' Arc, Psychico College, Verita International School.

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AaS Video 2019-20 - Teachers' Testimonials

"Amazing!!! Very good job as expected with such a good organization and communication we have, with the PROJECT CONNECT team."

Vasiliki Barkozi, Teacher/School Manager @ 2nd Primary School of Nikaia, Piraeus

Both teachers liked the program, The School Manager, Ms Martinos, saw it and described it as excellent.

Ioanna Athanassopoulou & Magda Kosta, Teachers @ 11th Primary School of Piraeus

"Very descent!! I have shown is to the students and they loved it! I am eager to begin the AaS program on Jan 2021!"

Aggeliki Patapi, Teacher @ Primary School of Paloukia, Salamis