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April 21, 2021
Ζoom Meeting with Teachers & Shipping Companies is presented at
June 27, 2021

Adopt a Ship is a pro-active program ahead of its time !

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Another academic year has come to a close and the educational program ADOPT A SHIP has dropped anchor for a short while !

On Tuesday June 22nd, 2021 at 6pm the PROJECT CONNECT team met with the Adopt-A- Ship partners, representatives of shipping companies and the educators who participate in the program. The meeting was held virtually due to covid19 mobility restrictions.

PROJECT CONNECT representatives shared information about the progress of the Adopt A Ship Program in the last three years of its establishment in Greece, they advised of the development plans for the upcoming year and expressed their gratitude to the educators, the Captains and representatives of shipping companies for the way they have so eloquently managed the program's needs and the passion they have shown for the initiative from the onset, each from his/her own side. In addition, PROJECT CONNECT representatives requested the support of shipping firms to include more of their vessels in the Adopt s Ship Program.

The educators were most enthusiastic and very satisfied with the Adopt a Ship Program and the support they have received from the program's representatives as well as with the positive reciprocation from the ship Captains, crews and representatives of the participating shipping firms.

Some feedback from Educators included:

  • "Adopt a Ship is a pro-active program ahead of its time ! There is no other initiative or program similar to this ! It cultivates skills and at the same time facilitates and guides students' in their professional career orientation" - 34th Elementary School, Thessaloniki
  • "Thank you for this experience ! We anxiously await the next school year so that we may continue the journey !" - 13th Elementary School, Trikalon
  • "Wonderful experience, a unique and different program from all the rest. Excellent organization and concise educational material! " - 2nd Elementary School, Nikaia
  • "Sincere Thank you ! The students were so enthusiastic when receiving the Captain's replies. All the students requested that they continue with the Adopt a Ship Program next year !" - Taxiarchis Elementary School

Input from representatives of the participating Shipping Companies :

  • " We are with you ! We look forward to our continued participation in the Adopt a Ship Program during the next academic year !" -Seaven Group
  • "Our Captains are delighted and willing to support as much as they can ! We hereby commit to enroll more of our ships in the Adopt a Ship Program ! "- Danaos Shipping
  • "Fantastic work ! All Adopt a Ship partners highly credible ! "- Dynamarine