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July 13, 2020
CONNECT in ALBA and BCA Career Days
November 14, 2014

Create Your Success Story In Shipping

“CREATE YOUR SUCCESS STORY IN SHIPPING” is a three-hour modern, dynamic program, aimed at enhancing employment chances for participants, providing a deep understanding of the shipping industry and insights on what the employers look for in a candidate. It was completed on September 9th in CONNECT’s premises. The seminar was attended by students and graduates with little or no work experience and emphasis was given on how applicants can build their personal brand in order to stand out from competition.

Ms Notias and Ms Perpinia both shared real life examples from their extensive experience in Greece and internationally. Ms Notias shared her experience on what it means to work in shipping and Ms Perpinia provided practical tips and advice on CV building and interview techniques. Participants’ feedback was very positive, pointing out the main strengths including: direct answers and helpful advice on job search, good communication, motivational, insightful tips.

In this very volatile period of time, the young Greek workforce needs guidance and support. CONNECT is committed to supporting this cause, and will shortly announce its next educational seminar.

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