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August 29, 2017
The Shipping Community meets & greets the Shipping students and Grads! To encourage young professionals in-the-making!
December 28, 2020

Niata Psila - My Perspective determines my success in Shipping

1st self-development seminar by PROJECT CONNECT
“My perspective determines my success in shipping”

April 27, 2016 – The Project Connect team, once again offering opportunities, held their first, of a series, self-development seminar at the Eugenides Foundation on Saturday 23rd of April at 10:00 am.

«To honor the youth of Greece, with Dr. John Kalogerakis who has actively inspired young people for decades, we decided to entitle this series “ΝΙΑΤΑ ΨΗΛΑ” – “My perspective determines my success in Shipping”», Irene Notias said fondly. Ms. Notias is the founder and chairwoman of the Project Connect, the non-for-profit organization, aimed at assisting and motivating “Young Professionals in-the-Making” as they begin their lives in the professional environment!

The speaker, Dr. John Kalogerakis, ( is an acclaimed business coach and motivator, well known to the Shipping Industry, Multi-nationals and Educational Institutions for his eagerness to help, guide and inspire. Dr. John Kalogerakis once again managed to “wow” his audience, with his practical ideas, common sense and effective solutions. Dr. Kalogerakis’ seminar was powerful and the audience gave its undivided and full attention.

Irene Notias has had a vision to instigate people to work in synergy in order to accomplish successful results, “for the good of the whole”. Her dream is not only to help young people who ask to enter Shipping Companies, but to show them another way of thinking and encouraging positive, sincere characteristics that effectively contribute to our companies and Country. “We are very grateful to all participants and contributors; special thanks to the Eugenides Foundation for the lovely and convenient environment to hold such events”, says Katia Galouka, Project Connect coordinator supported by Christina Zervos, Sandy Ailamaki and Natasha Botes, Project Connect volunteers. I. Notias added: “thanks for even the small things like Katsaros Bakery of Glyfada who offered the morning biscuits – every detail counts. This is synergy!”

Project Connect applauds Dr Kalogerakis and the members of the Shipping community, parents, Academic Institutions, besides the high-school and university students that this was made possible for, on their Saturday to seize an opportunity “ΝΙΑΤΑ ΨHΛΑ” and absorb something new. The message was very clear! “My perception of things becomes my reality – so don’t let fears destroy your dreams! Change your perspective and see a change for the better.”

The Project Connect team consists of people from all walks of life who contribute their knowhow: Effie Kotika, Administration from Sara Lee, Stelios Korres, Sandy Ailamaki and Natasha Botes, Legal, Katia Galouka, Shipping HR, Panos Sotiropoulos and Efharis Perpinia, Human Resources, Eleni Economopoulou, Sociologist, Christina Zervos, Retail business owner, Irene Notias, Shipping business owner.

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