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Never Forget - Disaster Preparedness Seminar

Dec 11, 2018 NEVER FORGET - DISASTER PREPAREDNESS SEMINAR in memory of the young lives lost during Mati - Neo Voutsa fires July 2018

Never Forget

Learning Painful Lessons from the Attica Fires to Prevent Future Disasters

The first of a series of industry-led seminars was held on Tuesday, the 11th of December 2018 at the Historical residence of Karolos FIX, where the IST College is now facilitated in Athens, aimed at educating young people to better prepare and respond to natural disasters.

The Never Forget seminars were developed in memory of the 99 victims - specifically the children - of the deadly fires in Attica, Greece, on 23 July 2018, by Project Connect and the Institute of Maritime Education Studies (IMES).

Delivered by natural disaster specialist and President of the Hellenic Rescue Corps, Mr Panos Polychronopoulos, the seminars provide detailed expert advice about how young people should prepare for and respond to the threat of fires, floods and earthquakes. The seminar began with an eyewitness account by Mati fire victim, Mrs. Mitsi Kintatzi and ended, with a moment of silence led by Ms Irene Notias, director of Project Connect, in remembrance of the children whose lives were taken by the fires.

The scale of the July tragedy in Attica was profound. This was the second deadliest wildfire event in the 21st century. Those victims must forever be honoured through a concerted effort to raise awareness and better prepare young people to response to future natural disasters. Such loss must never be repeated.

With the generous support of Mr Theofilos Xenakoudis, Director, Worldwide Business Operations, Marshall Islands Registry, all public and private schools in Attica were invited to participate in these free seminars.

The first seminar was also well attended by the teachers and students of Athens College and Psychico College.

Never Forget organisers sincerely thank Mr George Tsengas and the management of IST COLLEGE, for their kind support, hosting the inaugural seminar at their premises in Athens.

Given safety and disaster prevention is the bedrock of the shipping industry, Project Connect and IMES will continue to work with its friends and supporters in Greece’s shipping industry to deliver these seminars to as many young Athenians as possible.

Further seminars are planned in early 2019 throughout Athens and additional information will be available closer to these events.

For more information please contact Irene Notias, Project Connect, on +30 6948 282 298 or

Additional information about by Project Connect and the Institute of Maritime Education Studies can be found at this website and the following links: