14th Hydra Shipping Conference “Stay confused?”
December 28, 2023
PROJECT CONNECT in University of Piraeus’ Career Day
March 22, 2024

Kick Start the New Year with Positivity & Assurance, Jan 28, 2024

Our annual online forum to “Kick Start the New Year with Positivity & Assurance” was held on the evening of Sun., Jan. 28th. The Project Connect family gathered to exchange information and knowledge, and concluded that in order to have positive outcomes this year we need to assure ourselves and have a positive outlook first.
Wellness expert, Yanna Darilis says we need to eat and exercise well, but we also have to stay focused on our goals and take responsibility of our choices.

FOS’s Life coach Michael Fragkiadakis says we first need to know ourselves and not compare ourselves to others; instead to compare ourselves to our own self-development, as we get better every time.

Dr John Kalogerakis suggests instead of making the typical new years resolutions, we could make a list of what not to do this year and that family values must be our compass. 
Where shipping’s next generation seafarers are concerned, we learn from nautical vocational high schools’ (EPAL) educators that their students feel more assured that they made the right choice to become captains and engineers because of their engagement with the Adopt a Ship educational program that we provide and thank us. 
At PROJECT CONNECT, we see the need to “connect the dots” and can facilitate this for the shipping community at large, as long as we stay connected and be one voice with you.