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September 16, 2019

Executive Breakfast Meeting for HR

PROJECT CONNECT organizes Shipping’s EXECUTIVE’s BREAKFAST MEETING for HR, held on November 10, 2015 at the Piraeus Marine Club to present practical solutions which prepare young professionals for shipping offices.

The first central facility that connects talented students and graduates exclusively to the Greek Shipping community, PROJECT CONNECT, presented its work-in-progress to approximately 50 shipping executives on Tuesday, November 10th at the Piraeus Marine Club.

During a protein breakfast, hosted by Phoenix Shipping & Trading, Ariston Navigation Corp., Hellenic Hull Management & Prime Petroleum Services, Ship-owners, Operators, Insurance brokers, Legal Reps, and HR Managers learned what is being done to promote more admin internships which would attract more chances at jobs later on.

PROJECT CONNECT, a non-profit organization founded in May 2015, currently seeks funding as it sidelines with all the parties involved (ie: educational institutions, students, graduates and HR designated persons), to essentially fill the gap between the shipping/business educational institutions and the shipping industry, by encouraging more and methodically organized work-study programs.

The presenter, Ms Irene Notias, and the Board of Directors invited the shipping community to join PROJECT CONNECT and pointed out “that the same CV’s could be circulating in all of our offices and we could save time, energy and money if we entrusted one facility to pre-screen them with the same standard and appropriate criteria.” Hence, PROJECT CONNECT’s on-line CV DATABASE where all students can upload their availability and where members have access to pulling them on their own – self-service style.

“The Greek Shipping community fortunately has a large selection of highly educated new entries to choose from but they also have the hassles of high costs of training in basic admin and soft skills”, Ms Notias ascertained. “We’re offering a first grooming and bridge for those who have no connections to Shipping, while at the same time, any company which takes on an intern and supports this NPO (thru memberships & sponsorships are tax deductible) enhances its own CSR” she added.

Many associations and foundations are offering mentoring, entrepreneurship and leadership seminars which can be helpful. However, PROJECT CONNECT focuses on something more tangible & necessary for now: actual work experience.

Dr John Kalogerakis, popular motivational and business trainer endorsed the effort, at the event, emphasizing the necessity of this project to sustain Greek shipping excellence at this critical time, by preparing the young professional in the making. He pledged to devote his professional experience to help in the interview processes and offered his training seminars.

Renee Tsirlis, a PROJECT CONNECT Intern, now employed, excitedly said: “how lucky she is to be working and excelling in her own country where she feels more needed, thanks to PROJECT CONNECT who “connected” her to the employer.”

PROJECT CONNECT thanks the guests for attending and the following companies for their pledges: Phoenix Shipping & Trading, Ariston Navigation Corp., Hellenic Hull Management, XRTC Business Consultants Ltd.

The Project Connect team is hoping that more companies will follow this example, and explained that funds will go towards running costs, free self-development seminars and updating of the on-line CV Database accessed only by members.

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