From MT Ag.Gerasimos, Eastern Mediterranean -To 18th DS Peiraia
March 29, 2023
From Captain of Master Galene
August 23, 2023

From Psychico College Primary School

Dear Captain and Crew of Neptune Galene,

We are 6 th grade students of Psychico College Primary School in Athens. Our school, is part of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation in Attiki, in Greece. There are 6 grades with 7 classes for each one, more than 90 teachers of all disciplines and approximately 1,100 pupils totally.

Our school participates in many educational programs and organizes several educational activities throughout the school year. One of these educational programs is called “adopt a ship”. So, we “adopted” your ship and we are thrilled about the opportunity to learn more about life at sea! Throughout your voyages we will “travel” with you and we hope to expand our knowledge in various subjects related to sea life, the kinds of ships, the environment and, of course, your way of living and the customs of the different countries you visit!

We are really glad to begin our communication and we feel the need to thank you. It is almost a month now that the schools are open, and we hope they don’t close again because of lockdown.

Sadly, we are still wearing masks and keeping our distances although thankfully, remaining healthy! During these difficult times for the whole world, we especially think about you. We would like to ask you some questions in order to learn a few things about “Neptune Galene,” and its voyages.

- What is your position at the moment and what is your next destination?

- How many are the members of your crew and of what nationalities?

- What is the main language of communication?

- How different is it for you now with the coronavirus?

- Do you have to go through special controls and checks?

We have already known that you are traveling in a container ship, however we would also like to know what products you have on board at the moment. We understand how difficult it can be being far away from your families, especially at a time like this.

We would like to thank you for being there working at the frontline, providing the whole world with all the supplies we need. We hope that you are all safe, healthy and stay positive!

We share some fotos with you in order to have an idea from our class and our activities!

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon! Safe voyages!

Your sincerely,
The Students and Teacher of 6e

From Psychico College Primary School