From all the Officers and Crew of MT PROTEUS / EMPIRE NAVIGATION
February 25, 2022
From 2nd Evening EPAL Piraeus – To Strimon, Pleiades
February 20, 2023

From MV Cymona Galaxy, Alassia Newships Management - To 2nd Gymnasio Kaisariani

Dear Students and Teachers,

First of all, allow me to greet you a pleasant day in Kaisariani, Athens.

I am very thankful knowing that our good vessel has been selected to take part into an Educational Program so called “Adopt a Ship” by the Ministry of Education.

I will inform the whole crew members regarding the program in order for them to know that we have young and dedicated students from B5 class of the 2nd Junior High School of Kaisariani in Athens who are adopting our good vessel and would like to sail with us in sharing with knowledge and experience through continuous communication.

Let me answer your queries by introducing myself first, I’m Capt. Joseph Samuel A. Cabugwas, 46 years old, from Philippines.

How many years have you been a captain?
I started taking command of the vessel on Feb. 2013. My actual experienced at sea as a captain is about seven and half years.

Is it a difficult job?
Captain’s job mostly is a routine task, managing the crew, supervising and monitoring operation of the vessel at sea and in port, implementing company policies and procedures, managing communications between ship and shore. Nowadays, shipping industry is more advance with fast voyages and port interface. I would rather say it is more challenging than difficult.

Is it hard to control the ship when there are big waves?
Base on my experienced, controlling of the vessel during big waves will defend on the direction of the waves relative to the vessel’s heading. It’s not really difficult if the waves are coming from the bow. We usually reduce speed and control the vessel’s course by applying rudder angle.

But if the big waves coming from other directions like abeam or astern, the vessel will tend to roll or yaw heavily and therefore it is hard to maintain the vessel’s heading. But usually if we encounter this situation we adjust course, speed to minimize unpleasant movement.

We are also interested in knowing how big the ship is and how many sailors there are on it?
Our vessel is a Panamax size vessel, the length over all is 224.90 mtrs, breadth is 32.26 mtrs, depth is 20.00 mtrs. We are twenty crew members in total. Composed of 1 Captain, 11 Crew in deck department, 6 in Engine department and 2 in Steward department.

Thank you very much and wish you all the best.

Yours Truly,M
Capt. Joseph Samuel A. Cabugwas
Master, MV Cymona Galaxy

From MV Cymona Galaxy, Alassia Newships Management - To 2nd Gymnasio Kaisariani