From 1st Exp. Gymnasio Larisas – To MV Eleousa, Astra Shipmanagement
March 10, 2023
From Psychico College Primary School
August 23, 2023

From MT Ag.Gerasimos, Eastern Mediterranean -To 18th DS Peiraia

Our dear little friends,

We are enormously excited to read message from you.

Unfortunately, as we have bad internet connection, we were unable to download paintings that you sent to us, but promise, that on first opportunity we will download and place at special place in our recreation room. All crew is very eager and happy to see them :)

In last month we are trading in Black sea. Just now, we are drifting (floating in the middle of sea with no use of engine) and waiting for next instructions. To be honest, we want to come to Greece and to enjoy one day with you.

In last period, we were busy with job as we have plenty operations and inspections, but still, as you, we are always finding the way to keep smile and laugh on our faces and to hang out altogether whenever possible.

In last voyage we have Crude oil, that is the base production of oil what people from shore got from ground.

But now, we are in ballast condition. That means that in side tanks we put sea water in order to have more stability and to have much nicer and calmer sleeps during strong winds when vessel is exposed to roll :)

Also we have some questions for you as well :)

What is your most interesting subject and are you engaged in some sports?

Here, plenty of crew discussing regarding sport matters on every day basis. Also we have small gym, where we take care of our physical health.

Once again, very nice of you that you sending us a letter and cannot await to download paintings that you send to us.

Big hugs for all of you from,
M/T Agios Gerasimos
Capt. Bantinakis, Militiadis

From MT Ag.Gerasimos, Eastern Mediterranean -To 18th DS Peiraia