From Captain of Master Galene
August 23, 2023
Από Καπετάν Γρηγόρη Σκευοφύλακα – Καλές Θάλασσες
May 14, 2022

From Captain of M/T PROTEUS, Empire Navigation

Good morning from PROTEUS!

Thank you for your kind words, please feel free to share our correspondence to the members.
We are indeed very lucky to be working under the management of EMPIRE Navigation and the excellent, kind-hearted people of the company.
“Company” is the official term used but we are actually working like a one family.
What you are doing is very noble and the children of Greece are very fortunate to have you as one of their mentors, looking after a well-rounded development of the young who will be the pillars someday.

From our point you have opened up a whole new meaning to the word “Bridge”, giving us a deeper human view of the land and the people responsible for the world’s biggest shipping fleet.
With all the challenges and disappointments of the world that encourages maintaining distance, you bring us closer.
Be well, be safe and have a great year ahead.

Best Regards,
M/T PROTEUS, Empire Navigation

From Captain of M/T PROTEUS,