Lets’ Win the Year Luncheon for our Members Jan 30, 2023
February 20, 2023
From MV Cymona Galaxy, Alassia Newships Management – To 2nd Gymnasio Kaisariani
November 23, 2022

From all the Officers and Crew of MT PROTEUS / EMPIRE NAVIGATION

To the Happy Pupils and Happy Families, the Teachers and Organizers, the Company Supervisors of PROJECT CONNECT,

Dear All,

We would like to convey our sincerest gratitude for making us a part of this project. In a faraway land, far from our homes, we found warmth and appreciation from a community of Learners and Educators whom we did not even have yet the chance to meet. Our connection to the good people of Greece and Greek Shipping goes beyond a project, it is deeply rooted and manifested by many families and children back in our country whose food and education depend on the livelihood which the ships provide.

As the ship’s crew read your post in welcoming the new year, we are all one in expressing our wishes to all of you and your families for a Happy, Prosperous 2022 and may you stay in the best of health and attain fulfillment and success the whole year through. May God Bless you all, you will always be in our prayers.

At present we have not had the chance to watch the 2 video productions due to limited connectivity, but soon we will have the right equipment and everybody is excited! Thank you so much for taking the time.

We will always be indebted and grateful.

Happy New Year!!!

From all the Officers and Crew of MT PROTEUS / EMPIRE NAVIGATION