Dionisios Kampasis

Position: 3rd Engineer
Age: 26

Growing up in a marine-let’s say-family, most of the time in Piraeus but in Syros island as well, two places inseparably conjoined to shipping and trades, led me almost spontaneously to become a merchant marine engineer.
Living and working at sea makes you feel productive and appreciating the very small things in life that others may ignore or take for granted.
Deprivation and critical situations are countless. However these are the circumstances that mature you and make you a more responsible person.
Willingness, hard work, insight, responsibility, teamwork, honesty, discipline and respect are elements that will make you excel at sea. Of course, I would recommend the maritime career. Not only for those looking for a quick professional recovery with a decent salary, but also for those who want to get involved in this industry more broadly because this way they will get developed into better executives, understanding much better the needs of ships and seafarers.