Be a MEMBER at CONNECT by offering an internship which benefits your company with manpower and a chance to train a Greek professional-in-the-making which contributes to your company's CSR profile.


As an Ambassador, you assist by taking on an intern, and/or a cadet for a “sandwich course”.  You promote CONNECT by referring or linking us to other potential members within the Shipping Industry. We do the same for you and include you in our online communications.

As a Supporter, you “support” a joint effort and help us establish CONNECT, covering its operational costs . You can contribute anywhere from 150 euros up to 5000 euros (be our guest) the sky is the limit! CONNECT will offer prescreened interns, entry levels, and/or cadets for “sandwich courses”. CONNECT promotes you as an employer and includes you in its online communications.

* There are no guarantees of a perfect match but we compliment your recruitment search process.