Sustaining the excellence in our Shipping Companies

We vision a changing-for-the-better Greece,
by supporting its workforce and upgrading its young professionals-in-the-making

We invite you to gain manpower while contributing to your company's CSR profile and sustaining
the excellence in Shipping’s workforce.

Our Goal

Internships and Entry-Level Programs

CONNECT aims at supporting young professionals and students’ entry to the Greek Shipping Industry. We add value by safeguarding the quality and sustaining the high standards, ensuring that the new blood is well equipped via education and on the job training. CONNECT is a frontrunner in the shipping HR sector. It was born from this realization of the current urgent need of the young workforce to enter the workplace, and of the Shipping companies to recruit the right people.

CONNECT bridges this gap, being the HR hub that offers direct and active support to the young Greek workforce, providing mentoring and seminars and promoting internships, all of which enhance employment chances.

More specifically, we:

  • Circulate students’ & grads’ Curriculum Vitae (CV) to our broad shipping network to help place them upon openings. There are no guarantees for jobs but we do help enhance the chances by campaining for positions.
  • Assist in building and strengthening their professional profile from CV editing to presentation skills for interviews.
  • Provide seminars on office skills such as: office dress code & manners, business communication, leadership & motivation skills.


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Educational Institutions

Το φυλάττειν τα αγαθά χαλεπώτερον του κτήσασθαι - Δημοσθένης
To filatin ta agatha xalepoteron tou ktisasthe - Demosthenes
It is more difficult to sustain than to build -Demosthenes