Work Study Program Descriptions

The Work Study Program provided by P.Connect focuses on four stages to attain the goal of an entry level job. We compliment the already existing services of the College Career placement offices and the Shipping HR Depts making their lives easier with the online CV Platform and stages of work experience development:

Stage 1: Office Visit
Stage 2: Apprenticeship
Stage 3: Internship
Stage 4: Short-Sea travel experience

Goal: Entry level job

A student requesting work – experience may participate in one or all of the 4 stages thru our online CV Platform in order to enhance his/her chances of employability. The candidate signs a waiver that he is not expecting wages for the exchange of educational work experience (except for the internship).

The basic requirement for all programs of Project Connect is a willingness to listen, learn, practice skills, commitment to the time frame of office presence, with focus and a genuine interest in the Shipping Industry.

Descriptions & Process:

Office Visit: The purpose of the Office Visit is to enable young freshman candidates to learn about a shipping office, the different departments and roles that comprise the Shipping Company while at same time they are given an admin task to perform from start to finish. This practice teaches youth how important it is to complete admin tasks. The program spans the duration of a month and consists of 4 visits, 8 hours each.

Eligible candidates: Never been in a shipping office environment before. Ages 16 to 22 years old.

Apprenticeship: Apprenticeships are unpaid educational programs where the candidates have a chance to learn an administrative skill set in exchange for office support for a set term duration from 3 to 6 months. The candidate’s responsibilities include:

  • Data Entry
  • Filling
  • Note and Message Taking
  • Other administrative / office support tasks

Please note that apprentices are required to show commitment and inform their supervisors of any unique schedules. CV platform candidates may participate in more than one apprenticeship programs, in different departments only, until they decide to work as an intern.

Ages 18 to 21 years old.

Internship: Internships are paid work programs for a set term duration of 3 to 6 months that require the candidate to provide aid with everyday tasks and business functions. Interns are valuable members of the office and, therefore, their commitment is essential and could play a significant role in acquiring a permanent position in the company.

Eligible candidates are those who have not participated in internship program in the past. Ideal candidates are those who completed the 2 previous stages. However, it can be a recent graduate candidate who never had the chance for a work experience internship before graduation.

Ages 21 to 24 years old, (an exception for 25 yrs old may be considered).

Short-Sea Travel Experience: College and EPAL seniors who want the experience of ship life, at sea for short period.

Sandwich Course: Marine Academy cadets for searching practical training on board a ship at sea.


Entry Level Shore Job: Entry Level Job candidates have completed the 3 previous stages to be selected as a prepared entry level candidate, however if they have not completed an internship via PC, they can apply for one (only).

(They might have completed an internship from their college, or other company).  Entry levels still may have the opportunity through the CV platform/Work Study Program, to participate in one PC internship before they land a job.

Entry Level Seafaring Job: Only for Marine Academy graduates which are visible on our online CV Platform for Shipping companies who wish to hire young Greek nationals.

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