Shipping Industry Vocations


The receptionist supports managers, employees, visitors and providers and handles all office administration tasks. It handles reservations, travel arrangements, couriers, visitors guidance, office’s petty cash and payment of office supplies.

Crew Dept Coordinator

The Crew Coordinator files all documents in the crew department for all crew activities. It updates crew records and database and keeps up with all the crew documents that are required. It also handles the Crewing operations of some vessels, completes CVs screening, organizes interviews, helps with visa/immigration formalities and responds to any other task assigned by the Crew Manager.

HR Manager

The HR manager implements and oversees the systems, the long-term staffing strategies, the processes and the tools that attract, develop, train, reward and retain people and helps managers and employees perform, develop and work in a pleasant and safe environment that allows them to achieve and exceed their business objectives.

HR Coordinator

The HR Coordinator supports all the HR activities and assures the smooth transactional operations of the HR department such as absence management, recruitment, performance management, training & development, benefits, facilities management services, HR adminisrtation, payroll etc.

IT Manager

The IT Manager oversees the company’s technical infrastructure, all office and vessel IT team members, determines the business requirements for IT systems, managing the design, implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure. It ensures the smooth delivery and operation of the IT services by monitoring the systems’ performance and by eliminating security risks.

IT Coordinator

The IT Coordinator maintains Servers, PCs and all Hardware and Software infrastructure providing project management and technical support to ensure that the whole company’s IT tools run smoothly. More specifically the role monitors and maintains the Company’s systems, installs and configures hardware and software, and solves technical problems. It sets up accounts and access rights for new users and maintains IT security and back-up solutions.


The COO as a member of the management team is responsible for the operational results of the company. It designs and implements business strategies and procedures, oversees the work of the executives and assists the CEO in everyday operations. It also prepares and submits reports to the CEO and advises on commercial and business opportunities.

Operations Manager – Port Captain

The Operations manager ensures that the managed fleet performs in accordance with the undertaken obligations towards the Charterers based on the terms and conditions of the charter parties. It focuses on maximizing voyages’ profitability through safe practices and based on the international regulations and the Company’s Safety Management System. It assures that charterers fulfil their contractual obligations towards the Company and that the Company’s fleet fulfills the voyage and charter party requirements for a safe and smooth performance.


The Operator role provides all necessary shore-based commercial operation support to the vessels assigned. The role coordinates the vessel, the Company and third parties (i.e., charterers, port agents, brokers etc.) in accordance with the Safety Management System (SMS) and any other relevant International requirements in order to ensure that the assigned vessels fulfill the voyage and charter party requirements for a safe and smooth voyage performance. It monitors the daily performance of the vessels and ensures that all vessels operate in accordance with flag, statutory and the company’s requirements and guidelines.

Operations Coordinator

The Operations Coordinator role controls the Freight Collection, Bunkers and D/As based on charter party agreements. It monitors and handles any communications that are relevant to the assigned vessels’ voyages, daily operations and employment. It also coordinates all the post fixture activities and supports the operators and the Operations Manager in any task or project assgned.

Purchasing Manager – Procurement Manager

The Procurement Manager oversees the purchasing cycle of spares, stores, supplies, lubs etc.for all Company’s fleet ensuring that all vessels’ needs are met in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It applies various purchasing strategis to assure that vessels cover their needs on time, in the most suitable ports and in the best possible price while it monitors the respective budget and team.

Purchasing Coordinator

The Supplies Operator position ensures that all the needs for stores, paints, chemicals, gases, medicines and provisions onboard are met in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The role collects requisitions from the vessels and offers from the suppliers and makes the necessary comparisons in order to supply the vessels with their needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. They also check the DA’s invoices concering the various expenses involved to supply the operations department sent by the agents.

Technical Dept Manager

The Technical Manager ensures that the fleet vessels operate and perform in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner and vessels are well maintained and comply with the company’s policies/procedures (e.g., safety and environmental protection policy), maritime rules/regulations and industry standards. Also, it monitors and maintains expenditure control over maintenance, repairs, surveys, dry dockings, spares and stores supply within Company’s predetermined budgeted guidelines. It controls the fleet’s annual technical budget and the Company’s PMS while it monitors the superintendents engineers’ visits on the vessels.


The Technical Superintendent provides all necessary shore-based technical support, guidance and assistance to the vessels assigned enabling them to perform in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. It ensures that the vessels assigned are well maintained and comply with the company’s policies/procedures, maritime rules/regulations and industry standards. It monitors the classification status of the assigned vessels and their repairs and maintenance procedures and provides 24/7/265 technical support to the crew on board.

Superintendent Electrician

The Superintendent Electrician designs, develops, tests, and supervises the manufacturing and installation of Marine electrical, electronic, automation, data networks, pneumatic, hydraulic, fire detection equipment, components, sensors, or systems.It provides support and assistance to the rest of the Technical Department on all electrical-related matters.

Fleet Secretary

The Technical Administrator role assists the Technical Manager, superintendents and department in general. It handles administrative matters such as flight arrangements of staff, mail collection and distribution, vessels correspondence (i.e., courier, delivery tracking etc.), invoice processing, dry-docking folders update, training, contacts, meetings and data entries and assures the smooth operation of the technical department.

HSSQE Manager

The HSSQE Manager safeguards the development and implementation of Company’s safety management system in line with the prevailing or anticipated regulations and customer’s requirements. It ensures the safety performance of the Company’s fleet in order to cover commercial needs and meet vetting requirements. It managers health, safety, security, quality and environmental aspects of the Company.

HSSQE Assistant

The HSSQE assistant position provides support on all health, quality, safety, security & environmental matters to vessels, ensures that the vessels are implementing ISM/ISPS/MLC codes and other international/local regulations. It provides vessels with class and flag certificates necessary for vessels trading. It familiarizes the Master/Chief Engineer with all the HSSQE matters and keeps record of any flag deficiencies that might appear upon inspections.

DPA/CSO & Vetting Manager

The DPA / CSO & Vetting Manager safeguards the development and implementation of Company’s safety management system in line with the prevailing or anticipated regulations and customer’s requirements. It ensures the safety performance of the Company’s fleet in order to cover commercial needs and meet vetting requirements. It manages the marine annual budget and handles 3rd party inspections performane. It handles deck maintenance, mooring and navigational safety, inspections and audits of the vessels and analyzes/investigates incidents, deficiencies and observations in order to achieve continues management improvement.


The Marine Superintendent attends vessels frequently to evaluate their condition and prepares them for various inspections such as port state control (PSC) and/or any other third party inspections. It performs internal ISM and ISPS audits in order to prepare the vessels for external audits, evaluates vessel’s condition through marine inspections, ensures timely delivery of deck needs and assures that the fleet vessels operate and perform in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner based on company’s SMS policies/procedures, maritime rules/regulations and industry standards.

Chief Finance Officer CFO

The CFO is responsible for the planning, implementation and running of all the finance activities of a company. It provides strategic recommendations to the CEO and advises on major long-term business and financial decisions. It also leads internal and external audits and supervises accounting activites.

Accounting Department Manager

The Accounting Manager reviews, investigates and corrects errors and inconsistencies in financial entries, documents and reports in order to assure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and Company’s procedures. The role is responsible for the daily accounting operations and ensures the timely closing of accounts.


The Accountant position handles the payment cycle of all vendors, agents and Greek institutions (e.g., social security, tax authorities) and supports the bookkeeping of all Company’s accounting transactions. It assists on the financial closing transactions, prepares VAT exemption forms for the “service invoices”, files systematically all accounting documents (e.g., pending or paid invoices) and enters accounting transactions to Company’s ERP system

Accountant assistant

The Assistant Accountant supports the Accounting department on routine clerical and accounting tasks, such as reports’ maintenance, basic bookkeeping, invoices processing and VAT returns and facilitates the finalization of month-end and year-end accounts.

Insurance Manager & claims

The Insurance & Claims Manager closely monitors the fleet’s day to day commercial actiivities and stays in touch with the marine insurance market in order to maintain the required insurance coverage at competitive price levels. It monitors all marine and non-marine insurance covers and liaises with the insurance providers. It maintains the claims and the insurance databases, manages all insurance contracts and their renewals and oversees all insurance claims including prevention and handling of incidents.


The Attorney-at-Law is responsible for consulting and handling corporate legal processes and develops Company’s policies and positions on various legal issues. It handles the processing of payments relevant to the legal department and monitors all legal cases that require legal consultation and attention/

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary provides direct administrative support to the Management team. It handles the Management’s calendars, meetings, calls, business travel etc. It reviews their mail and other incoming correspondence and files their records when required.


The CEO provides the vision, leadership, strategy and general management necessary to grow and sustain the Company in the shipping industry. It develops and implements a strategic plan to advance the vision, mission, strategies and objectives of the Company in order to promote revenue, profitability and growth. It leads the transformation of the Company towards a more mature and sustainable organization ensuring that the financial, fundraising, operational, technical, commercial, human resources, legal and IT strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the organization.

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