Why & How you can help?

Why to be a Member

PROJECT CONNECT needs everyone’s support and feedback!

By joining, you contribute to the cultivation of the Greek maritime tradition in the next generation workforce together with us. Our Work-Ship (work-study) and Adopt a Ship programs benefit everyone, including you!

1. As a Member company, you have access to our Member’s Kit & online CV Database to select pre-screened students that have received instruction on basic administrative tasks, conduct in a shipping company and passed a soft skills assessment (the owiwi game).

You get the opportunity to share your success story with the young professionals in-the-making. Be a role model. Come on board PROJECT CONNECT’s “Mentor-ships”. Share your work experiences and be part of the “Brain-bank”. Take on interns for 1-month Office Visit (i.e. summer period) or for 2-6 months Internship or Apprenticeship (μαθητεία) and use the files of our PROJECT CONNECT Work-Study programs, easing the handling process and saving your personnel time (included in the Member’s Kit).

Also, by being a member, you are planting the seed of maritime knowledge and increasing awareness of seafarers’ life and the shipping industry through the Adopt a Ship program that we administer in Greek primary schools. Enroll your vessels!

Participating companies enhanced their CSR profile. You will too! 

Become a Member with an annual donation fee commitment

From 2021 onward, newly joined companies will be considered "Members", distinguishing the Founder Members for their unique support in our developmental stages.

2. As a Supporting Company, you are funding Greek Shipping sustainability by helping PROJECT CONNECT prepare the next generation workforce and administer a maritime educational program in Greek primary and middle schools.

3. As a Contributor, you volunteer your HR, Communication, Admin/IT services.

4. As a Sponsor, you sponsor a workshop seminar/webinar, Adopt a Ship, internship or a (CARE’s Tool)

Professional Seminars / Webinars

Adopt a Ship Educational Program

Work-Ship Programs