What we Offer

Sustaining excellence in our Shipping companies

We offer Work-Study opportunities and help create more ready, willing and able entry-level workforce, through holistic guidance touching upon fundamentals like self-awareness and sense of purpose. Our Work-Study program includes Internships, Apprenticeships (μαθητείες) and Office Visits. PROJECT CONNECT is Shipping’s first HR hub, officially set up in year 2014, helping young professionals in-the-making to “jump start” their careers in the shipping industry, , whether sea-going or on-shore, along with offering self-development seminars and mentor-ships. At the same time, assisting shipping companies to handle internship programs effectively in order to stimulate work productivity, without disturbing the existing personnel’s activity. Offering self-development seminars and mentor-ships

We have established “Adopt a Ship” in Greek Grade Schools. AaS is a project based educational program that a very effective means to brand and educate young children about the relevance of the shipping industry in their lives and lives at sea.

“Company heads are invited to act as role models and help jump start a worthy student’s career by showing them the ropes, early on. You would be participating in social responsibility, at a time of crisis, in our beautiful country”, says PC founder, Irene Notia.

How We Operate

How we prepare students: By showing them the ropes in order of the most basics, the administration and operations departments. Admin & Digital skill sets – cultivating a more capable & skilled future generation workforce.

We work closely with the industry’s principals, operations, chartering, technical, HR and accounting managers to efficiently and effectively provide:

  1. Screening of candidates and guidance on work ethic, the relevance for meritocracy, hierarchy & teamwork, for the good of the company (CARE guide),
  2. Easy to use Internship & Office Visits programs, per shipping department starting with Administration.

It works like this, in just 3 steps!

1) We present a pre-screened shipping student that possesses good grades and has received some guidance tips from us, in the basic admin tasks and office conduct. We provide specific Internship and/ or Office Visit programs for our members. It is advised that the student is placed near a manager’s desk (any department – preferable admin and or operations department).

2)  In the first week, your designated employee carves out a few hours a day to train the candidate on 3 to 5 specific tasks and let him/her perform, while, in exchange, he/she can offer their computer skills and admin support, for the agreed period.

3) Once the period is over, a brief checklist appraisal is filled by you, which will show the candidate where to improve!

  1. A self-service online CV database of registered candidates’ Curriculum Vitae (CV) to our diverse shipping network,
  2. Streamlined CV editing &  interview communication skills to present oneself properly and honestly.
  3. Seminars on office admin skills & self-development, based on CARE “tools”.

What does an “Intern” do?  Organizes, enters data, files, takes notes, makes calls & any other support work which should be pre-agreed set of tasks, for a set term duration from 2-6 months.

What does an “Apprentice”‘ do? Working for an employer who helps the apprentices learn their trade or profession, in exchange for their continued labor for a set term duration from 2-6 months.

What is an “Office Visit”?  First-time shipping office experience where interns are shown how operations departments run (1 month duration, max 20 hours per week).

What is a “Sandwich Course”? Sandwich Courses, are industrial placements for a set period of time, working in a related industry, in between degree programs.

Employers: Alibra Shipping Ltd., Arcadia Shipmanagement Co. Ltd., Ariston Navigation, Atlas Maritime Ltd., Dalex Shipping Co S.A., Grace Trading Corporation LLC., ICS, Phoenix Shipping & Trading S.A., Load Line Marine S.A., Seaven Group, Starbulk.

What We Believe

We believe in a changing-for-the-better Greece, by sustaining one of its top resources’ success story, the Shipping Industry, through shaping & grooming its young professionals in-the-making.

Why We Are Unique

We develop our products and services specifically FOR the shipping industry, funded by the industry, and tailored to evolving industry needs. Unlike other initiatives we remain solely committed to the shipping industry, networking extensively across the Greek shipping cluster, and across global value- chains. We aim to develop our brand and become the main point of call for young people exploring careers in the industry, as well as the voice of the industry, with influence across research centers, academies, universities and education policy makers in Greece and abroad.