The bridge that connects opportunities to young professionals in-the-making

in the shipping industry

Who We Are?

Who we are is about what we believe and do.

We believe Gandhi’s statement: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
The NPO, PROJECT CONNECT, established on May 27, 2015, offers a rainbow of opportunities to young professionals in-the-making to help jump start their careers in the shipping industry that they have selected. We facilitate the sharing of resources by professional assistance where needed and have placed over 50 candidates in shipping companies in the last 5 years, via our online CV Database and referrals.

PROJECT CONNECT is an influencing force, contributing to the cultivation of Greece’s next generation workforce and is made up of several Founding Members of reputable shipping companies & the maritime cluster which also see the relevance of offering work experience to “young professionals- n-the-making”, in order to sustain the excellence in the Greek Shipping Industry!

It has successfully implemented maritime knowledge for the first time, in Greek elementary schools, since January 2019, with the Cypriot educational program entitled, Adopt a Ship. Until 2020, 33 classrooms from 16 schools, both public and private, are communicating with 26 seagoing vessels’ masters from 14 shipping companies. In total, AaS program is branding the Hellenic Shipping industry in 650 pupils.

Our Vision

We envision a changing-for-the-better-future Greece, by sustaining one of its top resources, the Greek Shipping Industry Success Story through supporting the “can do” mind set and the aim for excellence that has built it; and instill this mind set into the next generation workforce who shall ultimately reinforce Greek Shipping’s competitiveness in the International arena.
We all must be part of the change, in sync.

Our Mission

To enhance opportunities for youth employability in Greece by offering internships and placements in ship operations departments and in vessels, where the new entry will absorb expert know-how and experiences from the managers, captains and principals (the “brain bank”) who currently run them and develop skill sets.

What’s the chain about?

The Chain, our logo, is by Artist Eva Divari who has travelled on ships all her life. Each individual employee is like a link in a chain. If one link is broken, the entire chain is too. Let’s ensure that each “link” is strong, the chain is tightly united and thereby, our companies, strong and healthy, competing in the international arena.

Why we started & how?

"Χαλεπώτερον το φυλάττειν του κτήσασθαι" Demosthenes statement: "It is more difficult to preserve than to acquire"

Co-founders, Irene Notias and Angeliki Livanou, saw young job seekers hopelessness during the crisis (2010-2015), listened to their mistaken beliefs that they couldn’t land a job or internship because they didn’t have a connection and decided to be “The CONNECTION”. They investigated why the low hiring rate when this was a risk to the company’s sustainability and found that although there was a need for fresh manpower, they lacked the know-how and skill sets to be capable to offer support.
So, they encouraged their vast client base to offer training to interns and newly qualified candidates and showed them how via HR strategies. They offered sound advice to the newcomers to develop their skill sets & value meritocracy. Seeing the need for change and improvement in the HR sector of Shipping, and that no one was doing anything about it, they thought to lead the way. Soon after, HR executive, Mrs Efharis Perpinia, joined CONNECT as a substantial contributor.

Ms. Notias & Ms. Perpinia's Interview @ Maritimes during their Shipping HR seminar at Posidonia 2014


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  • Amanda Birca
    Project Connect, thank you for helping me to find this opportunity at the American P&I Club. It was a great experience, since I learned the essential principles of working in a office and other materials that helped me move forward few baby steps towards my entry in Shipping Sector. This internship has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career in shipping. I would love to stay in touch, finding other internships or jobs opportunities that will help me gain more experience in this field. Another thing i am grateful for, is the help i received in order to prepare for my interview. When I did the interview, I was much more relaxed and prepared and that helped me a lot with my answers.  Once again thank you for the opportunity.
    Amanda Birca
    Project Connect Intern, 2018
  • My internship experience at Dianik Ship Management has been priceless. It has given me real work experience in the most major departments of a shipping company (Ops, Tech, Finance and Chartering). Other things that I have valued most about my internship at DSM include, but not limited to, the nice and supportive working environment and colleagues. I want to thank Project Connect and especially Ms. Notias for giving me “to the point“ advice and the chance to get this internship. Thank you Project Connect!!!
    Theodore T.
    Project Connect Intern, 2017
  • I will be totally honest. When I came to you I expected a boring session where I would be the one doing all the talking while receiving diplomatic answers that would try to make you appealing, boost my confidence and ego and have me coming back for more. Instead, I got a nice and much needed kick in the teeth.

    While I already knew about most (not all) of the stuff that we discussed, I feel that I gained a lot. Firstly, I was able to get my priorities list straight. To quote your words, I’ve been putting too much emphasis on ‘shallow’ job searching while I neglected aspects that can make an individual stand out. Moreover, I had the chance to confirm some bad habits of mine during interviews that have potentially harmed me in the past. I also had the chance to hear a professional opinion regarding the aspect of job-hunting in other countries and rethink the methods that I’ve been using up until today. Finally and most importantly I realized that due to my past failures I gradually started to doubt myself and lose my interest to work in this sector, reducing my efforts and doing self-sabotage in the process. I will strive to never let that happen again and I consider this the biggest benefit that I got from today’s session.

    Anastasios Galanis
    Project Connect Candidate, 2016
  • Project Connect was the first organization that helped me a lot in respect of  job opportunities in the Shipping industry.I had the honor as member of the Project Connect  team to meet people who had valuable  experience in shipping and I am sure that in the future these people will give me the chance to gain important experience and knowledge.I would like to thank especially Ms Katia Galouka as I had my first interview from the beginning of our cooperation and she gave me all her know-how in order to improve my CV and forward to the shipping companies.I am convinced  that the whole team of Project Connect will help me in respect of my upcoming career in the Shipping industry.I feel so grateful for your support and your contribution.Thank you very much!

    Alexandros Xenos
    Project Connect Candidate, 2016
  • All started at Posidonia 2016, where I was given a flyer of PROJECT CONNECT. During that time, I was desperately seeking for placement in a shipping company for my university internship, as I had only two weeks left to find one. In those two weeks, Ms Katia Galouka interviewed me extensively, helped me re-edit my CV and finally, Project Connect found me an internship place in a well known ship-management company specializing in the dry cargo sector with a fleet that exceeds ten vessels. Currently, I totally enjoy every day at the company’s offices and try to learn the most from the ingenious employees that I cooperate. In conclusion, I feel really grateful for finding PROJECT CONNECT just before my professional career start. Special thanks to Ms Katia Galouka!

    Spiros Zoumpourlis
    Project Connect Intern, 2016
  • I was amazed when my telephone rang and on the other side of the line was the HR Department of the Angelakos Hellas S.A. without even having to hand in my CV. I immediately realized that it was PROJECT CONNECT that helped me, as I was interviewed by them through the 22nd Career Forum last September. I strongly believe that Ms Pavlopoulou gave me a lot of help and boosted me into fulfilling my professional ambitions. I now feel more confident and I know that I can rely on PROJECT CONNECT whenever I seek any further assistance.

    George Nicodemos
    Intern, 2014
  • Ms Capnissi gave me helpful advice for succeeding in an interview and fulfilling my professional ambition. The meeting was a great experience for me and she helped me understand what the market is looking for in a candidate. She was full of confidence and passion and made me adopt this attitude. I deeply believe that her advice will help me make my dreams come true!

    Dionysia Christodoulaki
    Candidate, 2014
  • I found the seminar ""CREATE YOUR SUCCESS STORY IN SHIPPING" really helpful. It made me understand how to prepare myself in order to find a job in this field. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with no work experience but with the ambition to enter the shipping industry. But except for the seminar, I would like to congratulate Ms Notias, for this initiative, because it opened new horizons in my career. Hr interest and passion to help young people get involved in the shipping industry is outstanding. With her assistance, I found an internship that helped me gain experience and a competitive privilege in the business field.

    Iliannia Chartzala
    Entry Level Candidate, 2014
  • I graduated from NTUA in 2011, as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. By that time, jobs were already very hard to find. I spent quite a few months unemployed. I always kept an eye open for job openings from the newspaper and internet, but there was rarely any response to my efforts. In the end, I got a dead end job working as an assistant in an office remotely connected to shipping. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with you. Shortly after, you sent me an e-mail regarding a job offer, an actual job offer. Two interviews later I got the job. Thank you for opening the door for me in an industry, where being introduced is essential.  Proper professional guidance and an opportunity is all a young candidate needs. That is exactly what PROJECT CONNECT provides. I wish you you all the best!!

    Katerina Spyropoulou
    Entry Level Candidate, 2014
  • PROJECT CONNECT has gone beyond a service for me. Irene Notias, the founder of PROJECT CONNECT, and her exceptionally trained staff, understand the requirements for every business as well as the abilities of every candidate. I would like to put emphasis on two aspects. One is the friendly relation we developed, as the team is truly concerned that is committed to find the best compromise to all interested parties. Secondly, I also want to remark on the great concern and availability shown after the process. After a term of only 3 weeks, I was sitting on my new office, at my new job, surrounded by great people. As Aristotle Onassis once said, “To succeed in business, it is necessary to make others see things as you see them”. Irene Notias is a great example of these wise words, for the reason that she manages to keep Greece’s Shipping Industry connected in the greatest way helping out people like me and you.

    Renee Tsirlis
    (currently working in Shipping through Project Connect), 2015
  • The seminar "CREATE YOUR SUCCESS STORY IN SHIPPING" gave me important guidance for my career planning which I had never had before! Ms Notias and Ms Perpinia helped me gain an understanding of the shipping industry and redefine my career strategy in the way I could approach a future employer in this field. They also gave me valuable insights on what qualifications a shipping company is looking for in a perspective employee. I believe it has opened a new circle in my career searching prospects, which I would like to continue, with the assistance of the CONNECT team in the near future.

    Panagiotis Deligiannis
    Candidate, 2014
  • I really enjoyed attending the seminar "CREATE YOUR SUCCESS STORY IN SHIPPING" . It was valuable because I had the chance to enrich my knowledge in the shipping industry. I was given very useful tips on how to have successful interviews as well as on how to be more productive and efficient in the working environment. As a result, it was a beneficial experience which built the foundations for a successful career.

    Michael Darby
    Candidate, 2014
  • PROJECT CONNECT was the link that i needed for the shipping industry! I would like to thank all the PROJECT CONNECT team and especially Ms Notias for the guidance and the interview simulation. Everything was very educative and valuable for me. PROJECT CONNECT helped me find an internship in a shipping company. I wish you all the best!

    George-Marios Tsertos
    Project Connect Intern, 2015
  • When I started looking to join the shipping industry, everyone was telling me that I need a link to the shipping business. PROJECT CONNECT offered to me exactly that! The full support started with CV and interview advice, workshops and discussions and after that, I know that my CV was circulated to many companies through personal attempts of Mrs Notias and the rest of the PROJECT CONNECT staff. Meanwhile, the PROJECT CONNECT team was always there if I needed advice or any other help while seeking for a job. Finally, they continue to show interest in me and my career, even after I secured a job in London. All these lead me to say that I truly recommend to everyone that really want to work in the shipping industry to contact PROJECT CONNECT

    Ioannis V.
    (currently working in Shipping), 2014
  • Project Connect was the first organization that helped me a lot at my primary steps in an office work. The whole staff and especially Ms. Notias gave me the chance to have an office experience at Prime Petroleum Services. As an intern, I gained important bunkering experience. People were helpful and willing to advise me on my upcoming career in the Shipping Industry.
    Antonios Chatzaras
    (Shipping Undergraduate), 2015
  • Working at Project Connect gave me the chance to experience volunteering and working as a team for one common goal: to prepare and guide young students and professionals in beginning their careers and to link them with the shipping industry. It was also a great opportunity for me to learn basic principles of business, as well as how a company is organized and structured.
    Sandy Ailamaki
    (Law Attorney), 2016
  • I began working with the Project Connect Team this year!!! I am excited to be part of a group of people who assist young people, not only job wise, or internships but with seminars, events and generally a guide for young people preparing for the business environment!! I wish that when I was studying I had someone to include me in events and seminars on motivation, or to bring me in contact with people and business people! I must say it is very exciting seeing young people striving for something positive in the current situation and it is an honor to be part of a Team that is truly sincere and can offer even if it’s a small building block to someone’s' successful future!
    Christina Zervos
    (Business Owner), 2016
  • Project Connect has provided our company with individuals who have the skills and attitude that are necessary to deliver results. Irene Notias and her Connected team take the time to appreciate our company's requirements and identify appropriate applicants. They have been a valuable partner to us, but most importantly, they have demonstrated an excellent understanding of our company's vision and have been able to provide an accurate range of candidates to fit. Thank you for the excellent cooperation !

    SteelShips - Dianik Ship Management, 2016