Adopt-A-Ship is an educational program that aims to educate and inform students about the shipping industry. It was initiated in Cyprus in 2006 and has been running successfully since then. Mr. Tsavliris and Mr. Ierides( CYMEPA) shared this initiative with Project Connect in order to support and run it in Greece.

Aim: Build awareness and influence young people to seek seafarer’s careers.

Key Points: 1) Learn about the importance of shipping in everyday life as well s its significance role in historical, economic and cultural development of nations. 2) Interdisciplinary approach of the program. 3) Real world life experience.

Approach: 1) A ship is assigned to a school classroom (5th or 6th grade). 2) Direct email communication with the vessel crew thus learning about daily duties and activities, cargo carried, trading pattern, routes, loading and un-loading at ports.

Duration: About a year