What we Offer

Project Connect is not a recruitment agency, not an HR business, not a training center, not a charity, not a government agency. It is a FACILITATOR for the above. It is an organized assistance that connects young Greek shipping students to the global shipping industry, focusing initially on the Greece-based shipping community. We help young people develop career aspirations, soft skills, and productive careers in the industry- whether sea-going or on-shore. We work closely with the industry’s owners, operators, charterers, masters, chief engineers to provide internships, coaching, training and outreach programs, in so doing developing &  improving both the quantity and quality of the talent pool. We aim to be a key partner to the shipping community in Greece and provide genuine opportunity to young aspiring Greek talent.

How We Operate

We are a non-for-profit organization serving the long-term interests of the shipping industry and community, on project basis. Our members can choose to fund our full activities program and/or selected products and initiatives.

Our primary operational aim is to maximize quality exposure  between young people and the industry. Our products and services are not generally designed to be commercially viable though we do leverage outsourced discounted pricing models to amplify our resources and recycle them back towards our primary aim.

We engage state-of-art knowledge and delivery resources, maximizing outsourcing and keeping our fixed costs low, while ensuring that the voice of the industry remains central to everything we do.

We run a product-based management information system. We target < 10% of product funding allocated to overheads. We manage and benefit from a structured volunteering program that keeps such overheads as low as possible.

We operate a best-in-class company governance structure and are independently audited.

What We Believe

We believe in a changing-for-the-better Greece, by sustaining one of its top resources’ success story, the Shipping Industry, through shaping & grooming its young professionals in-the-making.

Why We Are Unique

We develop our products and services specifically FOR the shipping industry, funded by the industry, and tailored to evolving industry needs. Unlike other initiatives we remain solely committed to the shipping industry, networking extensively across the Greek shipping cluster, and across global value- chains. We aim to develop our brand and become the main point of call for young people exploring careers in the industry, as well as the voice of the industry, with influence across research centers, academies, universities and education policy makers in Greece and abroad.